NACHA Rules for Validating Online ACH Payments

Federal NACHA rules require that Emory University use account validation to limit returned transactions in the ACH payment network.

This validation process checks your routing number and bank account number entered at the time of payment against your bank’s records for a listed account number. It does not verify that the account belongs to you, or if you have funds available.

If you are receiving an Account Validation failure while attempting an online payment in OPUS, please check for these common issues –

  • Please double check that you have entered the correct routing number and correct bank account number.
  • Did you enter your debit card number? This cannot be used for this transaction, ACH transaction. You must use the bank account number for the linked account to your debit card.
  • Did you copy/paste your routing or account number? Try manually entering this information as copy/paste can add special characters.
  • If you are paying from a checking account, you should not use the last set of numbers on the paper check. These numbers are from the “check number” field and are not needed.
  • Did you use a new or recently issued checking or savings account? If so, it can take your bank up to 2 weeks to update the account validation table. Please consider using a different account.
  • Did you enter in any special characters such as spaces, dashes or symbols? If so, these symbols will invalidate the entry, please use numeric symbols only.


If you continue to encounter Account Validation issues, please complete your payment obligation by mailing a check to: Emory University Student Accounts and Billing Office, 200 Dowman Drive Suite 101, Atlanta, GA 30322. Please be sure to include the student’s 7-digit Emory ID number on the check payment.  You can also drop your payment in the drop-box outside of our suite door on the first floor of the B. Jones Building (suite 101.)

You have the right to obtain a free copy of your consumer file from our account validation service partner, Early Warning. Visit their website for more information on how to obtain your consumer report.