College Savings Plans

Emory’s school code is 001564. If an eight-digit number is required, please use 00156400.

Students who wish to pay their tuition and fees using a prepaid college savings plan (529 plan) will first need to contact the organization managing their plan (for example, Path2College for Georgia residents). Students will be required to complete a redemption or withdrawal form with their 529 provider, which will establish the amount to be sent to Emory. (Note: Emory does not complete redemption forms.)

If a bill or statement from Emory must be provided to your 529 provider, students can generate an activity report from the “Account Activity” tab under the Student Account tile in OPUS to reflect tuition and fees for each semester. If you are living off campus and wish to include the cost of attendance for room and board, please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

For identification purposes, please ensure payments are sent to Emory and include the student's name and student ID number. Most institutions will mail payments to Emory. Please ensure these payments are addressed as follows:

  • Emory University
    Student Accounts and Billing Office
    200 Dowman Drive
    101 B. Jones Center
    Atlanta, GA 30322

Mailed payments may take up to 10 business days for processing, so please ensure you begin the process at least 3 weeks in advance of the established payment deadline each term. The payment must be received in our office prior to the deadline. If you do not believe the physical payment will arrive in time, please send a copy of the withdrawal confirmation to

Private College 529 Plans

Please contact our office at for more information.