Tax Information

Students and/or their families may be eligible for certain tax benefits related to education.*

Each tax year, Emory is required to provide a 1098-T form to all students enrolled during the calendar year (January–December). These forms are generated and provided electronically by January 31st of each year and are available for viewing in the student’s OPUS account under the Student Account tile. (Note: Those with guest access cannot access these forms.)

Printed copies are also sent to the permanent address of all students unless the student chooses to opt out of receiving a paper form (see below). Emory's loan servicer, Heartland/ECSI, processes all 1098-E tax forms for the university.

*Emory University does not offer personal tax advice. Emory recommends seeking professional tax counsel whenever necessary or referring to IRS Publication 970.

Opt-out of 1098-T Paper Form

Save time and help Emory go green. Choose to receive your IRS 1098-T form electronically as soon as it’s available instead of waiting for the mail.

To opt-out:

  1. Log in to your OPUS account
  2. Under the Student Account tile, select “View 1098-T Tax Data”
  3. Select “Grant Consent”

Some benefits of receiving this form electronically:

  • Online delivery provides early access to your tax information
  • Avoid lost, misdirected, or delayed forms
  • Easy and secure delivery—change your mind at any time
  • Going green helps save the environment