Student Accounts and Billing Office

Frequently Asked Questions


When is the payment deadline?

The fall 2022 payment deadline is August 31.

What if I cannot pay in time? Can I have an extension?

Unfortunately, our office is unable to grant extensions. If you need more time to pay, please consider enrolling in the Nelnet Payment Plan. This option allows you to pay 25% or 33% down (depending on when you enroll) and will ensure you are in good financial standing.

If you’re unable to pay the balance by the deadline – and you do not enroll in the payment plan – you may be subject to holds, a 1.5% finance charge, and/or cancellation of your course schedule.

What are my payment options?

Students and Guest Access payers can pay online in OPUS under the Student Account tile > Make a Payment > Make Online Payment using a US checking or savings account. This option is free. You can also enroll in the Nelnet Payment Plan if you need more time to pay or you would like to break your balance into installments.

International students can find links to our trusted payment partners in OPUS under the Student Account tile > Make a Payment > Foreign Currency Payments.

While we don’t recommend it, we also accept payment via check. Checks can be placed in the drop-box outside of our suite in the B. Jones Building (200 Dowman Drive, first floor, suite 101,) or you can mail a check to:

Emory University
Student Accounts and Billing Office
200 Dowman Drive,
Suite 101 Atlanta, GA 30322

Please be sure to include the student’s seven-digit Emory ID number on the payment.

How do I pay with a 529, college savings or investment plan?

You will submit a request to your 529, college savings or investment plan, to send funds to Emory directly. Many 529 plans offer electronic delivery, which we highly recommend. If this is an option, they will already have Emory’s banking information. If paying via check is the only option, please ensure they include the student’s seven-digit Emory ID number and send to:

Emory University
Student Accounts and Billing Office
200 Dowman Drive,
Suite 101 Atlanta, GA 30322

If the deadline is approaching, we also recommend that you send a withdrawal confirmation showing the student’s information and dollar amount to to ensure we clear the student while we await payment.

I don’t see the option to make a payment in OPUS.

If you’re logged in as a Guest, please confirm with your student that you have permission to make an online payment. This can be updated under the student’s Guest Access tile.

If you have confirmed your permission, please ensure you are not logged into the OPUS mobile site – you cannot make payment from the mobile site. If you do not see square tiles when you login, you are most likely in the mobile site and will need to logout and access the full site.

Can I pay with credit card?

I’m sorry, but Emory does not currently offer the option to pay via credit card.

I want to pay via wire – please send me Emory’s wire information.

Due to concerns related to banking security, Emory now requires students to register their international payments with one of our payment partners, Flywire or Western Union Business Solutions. Both options can be found in OPUS under the Student Account tile > Make a Payment > Foreign Currency Payments or at our website,

This decision was made to protect the security and integrity of Emory’s bank account details and protect our students and payers from any potential scams or fraudulent activity. Please let us know if you have any questions related to the options available.

I’m receiving Financial Aid – do I have to pay that amount and be reimbursed?

No, you are not required to pay any amount that is to be covered by pending financial aid.

I sent a payment, but it’s not in OPUS.

Mailed payments can take several weeks to arrive. Mail is processed daily and payments are posted within 1 business day of receipt. If you do not see your payment in OPUS, please contact to confirm if the payment has been received before requesting a stop payment with your bank.

Flywire and Western Union payments will reflect in OPUS within 1 business day of receipt.

The “Make a Payment” page in OPUS says that $0 is due now – how do I pay?

The “Due Now” balance will not update until the payment deadline is within 30 days. However, you can still make a payment despite the zero-balance reflected. Enter the amount you would like to pay and, when prompted, click Yes to procced.

I had a check sent from my 529/investment account and it’s not on my account. I’m worried about being cancelled.

Please send a copy of your withdrawal confirmation to so that we can clear the student’s account while we await the physical check.

Charges and Billing

I need an invoice or receipt.

You can generate an invoice/receipt in OPUS under the Student Account tile > Account Activity tab. Select the term and/or date range you wish to view and click to Generate Activity Report.

You can also view all payments under the Student Account tile > Payment History tab – please be sure to utilize the filters to see all payments.

Why did my tuition increase/why do I have multiple tuition charges?

Tuition is based on enrollment and the program in which you’re enrolled. For undergraduate programs, tuition is a flat rate once you reach 12 or more credit hours. If you were originally enrolled in less than 12 credit hours, you may have multiple tuition charges, but the total should not exceed the flat rate for that term.

Graduate and professional programs vary – please contact with any questions regarding your tuition.

I already have insurance, please remove the insurance from my account/I submitted my insurance waiver, please remove the insurance from my account.

To waive the student insurance, you must complete the insurance waiver every year under the Health tile in OPUS. Once approved, the charge is removed systematically within 24-48 hours. Our office cannot remove this charge manually. Please refer questions regarding student insurance to Student Health –

I changed my schedule, when will my account update?

Most tuition adjustments take place systematically in an overnight process; however, if you view your student account in OPUS, the update should reflect automatically.

Can any of these fees be waived?

Emory only charges mandatory fees to the student account (with the exception of the student insurance which is waivable with proper proof of coverage.) Unfortunately, the fees cannot be waived.

Can you please explain these fees? What are they for?

  • Activity Fee – charged by the Student Government Association, this fee supports various programs and resources managed by SGA
  • Recreation/Athletic Fee – supports recreation and athletic facilities on campus
  • Health/Wellness Fee – supports mental health resources and other programs available both on campus and online
  • Transcript Fee – a one-time fee charged to all Emory students during their first semester, it allows students to obtain unlimited transcripts at no additional cost

I need my meal plan changed/I need my housing charge adjusted/I have a question about a specific charge on my account.

The Student Accounts and Billing Office manages the student account, but we do not post individual departmental charges – nor are we able to adjust or remove them. If you have a question regarding a specific fee other than tuition and mandatory fees, please contact the respective department directly –

Meal Plans/Dooley Dollars

Housing Charges/Fees

Parking Permits or Fines

Library Fines

Student Insurance

Program or Enrollment Fees Contact your School

Refunds and Financial Aid

Where is my refund?

Refunds are processed daily following financial aid disbursement. We cannot process a refund unless there is a credit on your student account. Once requested, refunds take 2-3 business days to reach your bank account. If you are not enrolled in direct deposit, checks are mailed to your permanent address on file.

While direct deposit is not mandatory, we highly encourage all students to enroll for all refunds.

My financial aid hasn’t disbursed yet.

Financial aid cannot disburse until approximately 10 days before the start of classes. If it is now within that window of time, and your aid still hasn’t disbursed, please contact the Financial Aid Office to ensure you’re not missing any requirements.

I don’t have enough Financial Aid/I want to reduce my loans.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance.